I'm a bit obsessed with Warcraft 3 these days, and believe it or not, I've never played Warcraft before!

These days in Warcraft official platform to play a variety of figures, but home poor ugly, can not afford to buy a mall, can only think of ways to study the archive.

So with this archive extraction tool,

Extract save: Enter game - Exit - extract save (modify or steal someone else's save) - Enter game - execute

The program reads the latest quit game by default.

How to extract the archive?
For example, if you enter a room and there is a big guy in position 1, then he is player 0 by default, position 2 is 1 and so on.
How to file?
After getting the saved text, open a room and enter the game. Just pick any difficulty and go for it
You will be prompted when the execution is complete.
Some diagrams may have error codes. It might take a few more tries but it might not work.
Remember to back up your own archive, if the map is blocked on the brush back!

If you think it is OK, point the following reward, feed mouth steamed bread!

Download address: https://ergou.lanzoui.com/iwIcPhnvfmd



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