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It is also important to note that the software, free or paid, will never collect or record any information about you

Please contact QQ1101666660 for payment

Function free version paid version
Lucky Draw √ √(More stable)
Main station √ √
Experience √ √
Commissioner for Ethics ×
Square root
Check in/daily √ √
Treasure Chest √ √
The chosen one × √
Scheduled reconnection (to prevent dropped calls) x √ Built-in heartbeat mechanism
Rhythm storm ×
Wechat notification √
√ Support QQ notification more convenient
Off-line will result in no push of all broadcast rooms + database broadcast rooms/domestic high-speed servers
Remote management x x
Due to the special paid version only offers a one-time payment of 300 yuan for a lifetime

Paid version:

The software does not bind the account, you can change the login account at will, but you can bind the computer (you can change the account by yourself).

Note that the software cannot be opened more than required

If there is no special demand, the basic error between the sponsored version of latiao and the paid version is not big. If you are willing to support or need to raise MEDALS, you can contact me to buy the paid version

I do not add any viruses

At our discretion, the program did not add any virus backdoors


Support various gift raffles
Master Station daily quest +15 experience
Automatic coin slot
Ethics committee member
Exchange coins
Sign in at the Friends Club
Live streaming station online experience acquisition
Rhythm storm Raffle
Daily check-in and other tasks

Automatic identification of login method preferentially using APP lucky draw

The login verification code supports automatic identification (please check whether the accuracy is correct by yourself)

The paid version features all the features of the free version and the interface is stable, more features.

Stable version of the API to sponsor please click here


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