Account number: Password: cA1OPQsj6z

Account: Password: vd3StTLy0N

Account: Password: sx8KPRjkU6

Account number: Password: noB9FpV3Ea

Account number: Password: 8XZhnjL1kU

PS: If the password error message is displayed, clear the cache and refresh the browser page first.

ChatGPT account 1
Account number:

Password: bwS5PPmHunD

ChatGPT account 2
Account number:

Password: m3dcWwK7HeQ

ChatGPT account 3
Account number:

Password: 3m3lHn26

Before sharing is a pro test effective account, please cherish, find a can use on the line.

ChatGPT's website:

If you're new to ChatGPT, you don't know the official website yet. Just go to the website.

Use the ChatGPT account
1. The free shared ChatGPT account can be used by everyone. Since there are a lot of users, it is normal if the account is unavailable or blocked. Just find one that works. If you want to use it independently, please purchase a separate ChatGPT account.

2, the shared ChatGPT please remember not to modify any information of the account, it will affect the use of others!

3. To use ChatGPT in China, you must use the accelerator, and the agent IP of the accelerator must be the United States or Japan, not Hong Kong or Taiwan! Please prepare this by yourself. ChatGPT cannot be used on domestic network!

If you have your own account, you can contact me to open PLUS membership, which only costs 19 yuan a month. Contact v:wh_063

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