With the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones, WiFi has become a necessity in our life, and wireless routers, as the carrier of WiFi, have gradually entered every family. However, many friends just contact router, often do not know how to use router. Today Xiaobian will take TP Link wireless router as an example to share with you how to set up a wireless router.

1. Wire the wireless router

First, let's have a look at the various interfaces of wireless routers. Basically, all wireless routers are similar, and the position of the Reset button may not be the same.

WAN port: Connect optical cat (LAN1 / gigabit port) or TV wall network cable port

LAN port: 1/2/3/4 Any port to connect computer, set-top box, TV

Reset button: Hold down for more than 5 seconds to restore factory Settings

After connecting the wireless router, start the router.

2. Wireless router parameter Settings

Connect your wireless router to your computer with a network cable, or use a wireless search connection directly. After the connection is complete, open the Internet Explorer browser, enter in the address bar (the background management address will be different according to the router model, please see the nameplate at the bottom of your router for details) to enter the wireless router setting interface.

After successful login, select the Settings wizard interface. By default, the interface is automatically displayed.

Generally, PPPoE is selected as the first item. If you use other network service providers, you can select the following two items according to the actual situation. If you do not know how to choose, you can directly select the first item to automatically select, which is convenient for novice operation.

Enter the account and password obtained from the ISP and go to the next step.

Next, enter the wireless Settings and set the SSID name. This item is the model of the router by default. It is just the device name displayed when searching, which can be changed according to your own preferences for the convenience of searching. Other Settings can be set according to the system default, do not change, but you must set a password in the network security Settings, to prevent network unauthorized. Click next after setting.

At this point, the wireless router setup is complete. Restart the router to connect to the wireless Internet. Generally speaking, as long as you are familiar with the above steps, you can already say that you know how to use a wireless router. To this, the wireless router Settings have been completed, the next thing to do, of course, is to open your wireless device, search WiFi signal directly connected to the wireless Internet.

3. Set a wireless router for your phone

Now on the market to buy back the new router, in the setting has been simplified a lot, with the mobile phone setting is also very simple, three steps easily complete the setting.

Step 1: When the mobile phone connects to the WiFi of the router, it will enter the management page automatically.

Step 2: Set the administrator password (unlike the old model with the default account password);

Step 3: Enter the broadband account password provided by the carrier;

Finally, set the WiFi name and password according to your preference, and reconnect the WiFi to surf the Internet.

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