Power supply

It is a very important part of the computer, its quality directly affects the normal and stable running state of the computer, if the power is not good, there will be a variety of problems, restart, blue screen, use power, if there is a mechanical hard disk will cause mechanical hard disk power supply failure system collapse, many times to find this problem is very difficult to find.

Brand of power supply

There are many kinds of power brands, but remember a few commonly used big brands, including air Jia, Jinhetian, Xingu, the Great Wall and other big brands, second-line brands have shadow Chi, XX XX

Something I don't even recognize.

Power supply class: Power supply has full modules, half modules and the kind of common power supply we commonly use

Power supply power: Power supply power is classified into rated power and peak power

Power supply rated 230W, 300W, 350W, 400W, 450W, 500W, 550W, 600W, 650W, 700W and so on

Buy power need to pay attention to: buy power must see rated do not see the peak, some miscellaneous brand power does not standard rated this kind of power do not buy, buy a few big brand is more secure, some businesses say that 500W is actually the peak, rated on 400W.

The choice of power supply is often easy to be ignored as an accessory, and often the profit of this accessory may be the biggest profit of the whole machine. Its quality determines the stability of the whole machine.

If the CPU and graphics card are compared to the brain and eyes of the computer, then the power supply is the kidney of the computer. Only when the constant supply of voltage and current is far from constant, can they work well for you. Choosing a good power source is very important.

Because most computer users do not pay much attention to the power supply than the processor, memory, graphics card, because most of the computer white, in the face of the choice of power supply, but have no reference choice.

To put it simply, to choose a power supply, you must know how much power the computer hardware you assemble, the processor and graphics card are the two most powerful hardware in all hardware, especially high-end processors and graphics cards, the heat energy they consume is basically more than 100W, the better the performance of the greater the power required.

In particular, some mainstream graphics card, its hot good can even reach more than 200W, not to mention some high-performance flagship graphics card, in addition, such as the motherboard, memory, hard disk and other hardware, basically around 50W, is not very high.

Under normal conditions, the power required to calculate the formula is (processor power + video card power +100) X1.5, the final result takes the highest integer, the 94 need to select the power of the power rated size.

A simple example, such as the CPU is 125W Core i7-10700K, graphics card is 220W RTX3070 computer host. It's calculated as (125+220 +100) ×1.5=667.5W≈700W, which is 700W if you take the highest integer.

In other words, DIY this set of Core i7-10700K computer host, choose 700W rated power supply, is enough to meet the power requirements of the whole set of computer host configuration. If some players have the need to overclock, you can add about 50W on this basis, which is enough to meet the daily hardware power needs.

In general, although the PC power supply is a hardware without any correlation to the performance, but it is a non-negligible accessory hardware, is also an important part to ensure the normal operation of the computer, as long as in accordance with this method to calculate the power, to ensure that you can choose a stable enough power supply (the premise is not to buy miscellaneous brands)

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